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The Story Behind: Holy, Holy, Holy


Rather than using his great education and reputation to find the largest and most glamorous church to lead, Reginald Heber chose a tiny church in the little village of Hodnet, England. Within his congregation, Reginald had a reputation for two things: being a devout man of God, and being a wonderful poet; the perfect recipe for a legendary hymn.

Keep Up With the Top 20 Hymncharts Arrangements now lists the top 20 songs from Praisecharts, CCLI, CCM radio and Hymncharts. Keep track of what's trending: watch videos and download lyrics - there's nothing like it on the Internet!


Need to fill the “dead space” in your worship between songs while you pray or read Scripture? That’s where Worshipscores come in! Each Worshipscore is a one-page piece of piano sheet music or MP3 that comes in every key and can fit seamlessly in your praise sets providing a thoughtful musical underscore that will lead seamlessly into the next song.


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Updating original hymncharts that have never been recorded:


For those new to hymncharts, I started the website 20 years ago this year! And in those early days I assumed everyone knew the hymns so I didn't bother recording them. It wasn't until I was a few years into the website when I discovered my own praise team didn't know many of the hymns I was arranging. For instance, they had never heard "Come, Ye Thankful People, Come" that I had arranged specifically for that upcoming Thanksgiving week Sunday, so I had to scrap it during rehearsal. It was then I realized I had to record the arrangements.


So over the past few years I've been going back to these early arrangements to record them and improve the vocal and instrumental parts (I think I can arrange a little bit better than I did 20 years ago!) as well as add multitracks and transposed chord charts.


We're now in a golden era of digital recording and I'm able to get these recordings done in 1/3 the time I could twenty years ago and they sound 100 times better! There are lots of cool AI-type EQs and mixing software plugins I'm using that really speed up the process, so I hope to pump out these out as well as produce more modern arrangements.

20th Anniversary of Hymncharts!


How time flies! It seems like only yesterday when I was "encouraged" by the elders of my church to do more hymns in our praise sets :) I couldn't find any so hymncharts was born!


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Change Key for Free!


Some of you may already have discovered this but I'm late to the party :)


I've just discovered that the free Finale Notepad can change the key of 75% of hymncharts arrangements!


Over the years I've tried using the free Finale Notepad but it just didn't work that great. It might change the key but it would also mess the spacing up so bad that the sheet music looked awful.


Recently I thought I'd take another look to see if the software had changed. It has! I tried changing the key of All Hail the Power and when it worked I nearly fell out of my chair. I'm so excited LOL!


BUT... here's why it will work on only 75% of the arrangements: the free Finale Notepad will only change the key of the entire arrangement.


That means it won't work on my earliest arrangements. Back when hymncharts started years ago it was in vogue to modulate (change key) on the final verse of a song, giving it a "lift." These days with modern worship the songs stay in the same key throughout. In fact, I literally can't remember playing a key change in a church praise band in over ten years.


This means the free Finale Notepad will NOT work on my older arrangements (about 25% of them) because it won’t insert the key change on the last verse (instead only changing the key of the entire hymn.) You’ll have to use one of the paid versions of Finale (Finale or Printmusic) to do that.


Watch a quick (1:28) video showing you exactly how it works:


Watch on YouTube


Watch on hymncharts

All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name


To celebrate the new hymncharts website in 2021 I've remixed and remastered the vocal demos, stereo tracks and multitracks. The SATB, SAB, synth strings and instrumental parts have been revised (I do this for some my older arrangements as I feel I can both arrange and mix music better than I did when hymncharts first started.) Removed are some of the synthy leads and pads that were more in vogue a decade ago. The 3 part vocals remain the same.


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About: Don Chapman’s passion is for the Church, music and technology, and he blends all three into resource websites devoted to contemporary worship: hymncharts(.)com and worshipflow(.)com. He’s the editor of the weekly worshipideas(.)com newsletter that’s read by over 30,000 worship leaders across the world. A prolific arranger and songwriter, Don has had songs published by Word, Integrity Music, G3worship and Worship Today, and has orchestrated music for Christian artists Chris Sligh and Jeremy Camp. He’s been featured on the 700 Club, has been quoted in USAToday and is a guest lecturer at Liberty University.


The first worshipideas email newsletter went out to about 400 people on February 11, 2002 (in the heyday, right before the blog explosion, the newsletter amassed over 100,000 subscribers. These days it hovers around 30,000.) Worshipideas was born out of Don’s own desire to share what he was learning as a first-time worship leader at a church plant. Back in 2002 contemporary worship was still fairly new and the worshipideas newsletter and website helped worship leaders across the world figure out this new form of worship.


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