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4 Words of Encouragement for Worship Leaders In Small Churches

We’ve all been there haven’t we? We model our ministries after the mega churches and worship conferences. In fact, we even long to be in one of ‘those’ positions someday don’t we? Well before we start dreaming about the future, let’s take a look at where we are now.


Top 8 Worship Songs for Funerals

The gospel message revolves around the concepts of death and eternal life. It is a message of hope in a hopeless world; a light in the dark. For this reason, Christian songs are essential at funerals. They are a reminder that through Jesus, death is just a doorway to something greater.


The Worship Leader’s Job Description

Worship pastors, we often have lengthy job descriptions. Take a look at yours and see how many pages it has. Two? Four? Twelve? However, there are really three things that encompass your entire job description. Three little items that have huge ramifications. All of your activities every week should revolve around these three things.


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A discount code, free worship font and over 5,000 still worship graphics new in this week's newsletter at the end!

NEW Underscore: Reckless Love


New this week at a piano underscore based on the popular worship song Reckless Love.


You have to be a subscriber to access the sheet music, but anyone can listen to the underscore by clicking the "LISTEN: piano" link at the top right of the page.


I'm experimenting with a new, more "cinematic" sound with the MP3s starting with this underscore.

NEW Youtube Playlist!


I like to listen to Youtube videos/podcasts as I drive around and have wished I could find a good, current playlist of all the top worship songs.


I can't find any! So I made my own on the Worshipflow Youtube channel!


You'll find playlists for the top CCLI, Praisecharts and CCM radio hits updated every week.

Keep up to date with the top songs and hymns for worship at There's nothing like it on the Internet: hear the music, watch videos and download lyrics!



1. Goodness Of God

Bethel Music


2. Build My Life

Pat Barrett


3. Great Are You Lord

All Sons & Daughters


4. Way Maker


5. Graves Into Gardens (Live)




1. I Speak Jesus

Charity Gayle


2. Holy Forever

Chris Tomlin


3. Hymn Of Heaven

Phil Wickham


4. Same God

Elevation Worship


5. House Of The Lord

Phil Wickham



1. See Me Through It

Brandon Heath


2. Me On Your Mind

Matthew West


3. For God Is With Us


4. The Goodness


5. The Healing





1. Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty


2. Amazing Grace 2004


3. For The Beauty Of The Earth


4. To God Be The Glory


5. All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

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Free Worship Font

In addition to their excellent graphics, ChurchMotionGraphics has also developed their own optimised font for worship slides that will work on both Mac and PC. I think this is so cool!! I use this font on all my Powerpoint slides at my website. Download the free font here!


Free Worship Media also has a ton of freebies on their website: motions, slide templates, social graphics and over 5,000 stills!


MotionBolt: Over 500 Free, High-Quality Motion Backgrounds for Worship

This little-known website is truly amazing and one of the best websites for free worship backgrounds we’ve ever seen, with both HD and 4k looping video backgrounds.


Download a Free Worshipscores Underscore

Download Underscore 51, based on the popular worship song 10,000 Reasons: piano sheet music and MP3s in every key. There's nothing like this on or off the Internet! The sheet music is interactive and has 3 sections that can be repeated as needed. Play under calls to worship, prayers and Scripture readings.


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